Foiling methods can include highlights or lowlights, babylights, and/or faux balayage.  The method used is determined by the end result desired. If you typically schedule a highlight or balayage, these are the blocks you would choose. 

Mini |  2.5 hours |  $188 highlights around face only, book "cover my grays" option
Luxury  |  4 hours  | $300 all over highlights or bleach root, book "lighter & brighter"


Add Hydrating Treatment  |  
$8  / $13  /  $24
Add Clarifying Treatment  |  $24  / $43  /  $63
Add Wax | $16


Guest experience isn't a service or amenity, but our standard. We strive to make each and every guest feel taken care of. You're more than a client in the chair, you're a guest that has chosen us and we want you to feel at home. Below is a sample of some of things you can expect with us:

  • Access to our guest experience manager
(You've never experienced prompt guest services until you've met her)
  • Personal one on one attention
(Just you and Jessica...and sometimes Madison pops in....oh, and there's also the barbers next door, but they're cool & fun to chat with...and occasionally you'll find people popping in for snacks or to sit in the comfy chair....but yeah...just you and Jessica most of the time.)
  • Plenty of time for questions, explanations, & fine tuning
  • Station for product and/or tool testing
  • Snack bar (that is pretty epic if we do say so ourselves)
  • Relaxing environment
(We like to play white noise rain sounds and pretend the evening dancers upstairs is a low rolling thunder.  That + a scalp massage + and eye pillow = Our version of a spa treatment.)
  • Post visit check in (peep that Madison chick again.  She's the bomb.)
Basic color services require more frequent salon visits but less time is spent during each appointment.  Often referred to as roots, touch ups, gray coverage, or solid color.  This is the option you'd book if you're looking for one solid hue from roots to ends without any variation in the color. 

Standard |2.5 hours |  $188 root color retouch, book "cover my grays" option
Luxury 4 hours | $300 all over color, book "lighter and brighter" option  

Add Hydrating Treatment  |  
$8  / $13  /  $24
Add Clarifying Treatment  |  $24  / $43  /  $63
Add Wax | $16

We offer scissor cutting for all styles from pixies to "tuck it in your pants" lengths.  

Minor  | 1.5 hours  | $94 minor adjustments made to your current haircut with extra time to discuss your hairs needs and how to work with your style

Luxury | 2.5 hours | $188 all over new look from your current hair cut.  Plenty of time for a new haircut, styling lesson, and all the questions that come with a new 'do. Choose "Cover my grays"


Add Hydrating Treatment  |  $8  / $13  /  $24
Add Clarifying Treatment  |  $24  / $43  /  $63
Add Wax | $16

18 years with an active IN Cosmetology license + 6 years with an active IN Beauty Culture Salon license + multiple certifications/titles for salon coordinations, color training, advanced color and cutting methods + a combined 38 years in the salon industry = 
Tutorial services include our expertise & suggestions on products, hair types, tools, and tips to help you recreate your look at  home. Q & A can be scheduled in the salon or via a tele appointment. 

Hands on styling tutorial  |  1 hr  | $70+
Group styling session  |   Available for 3+ people 
| 30 mins | $45


Add Shampoo & Blowdry  |  $31
Add Olaplex Treatment  |  $63
Add length below shoulder blades |  $13
Add extra thickness  |  $13