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 Let’s Get Started!

Get comfortable.  Get creative.  Get empowered.

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Step Two

Our menu.  All services, prices, and available upgrades. 

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Step One

Our Roots.  Our quirks.  Our specialties.  Get to know us!

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Step Three

Online booking available to our guests all day, every day. Your appointment is only a click away.

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What comes next...

Pre- Visit

You'll receive an email from Madison with (1) a confirmation of your booking, (2) directions to our studio and the easiest and best ways to reach us, and (3) a consultation form so we have an understanding of your hair type and expectations for the appointment.


Once you arrive, you'll be greeted by Jessica.  You'll receive any help you may need with getting comfortable; hanging up your coat, getting situated in the chair, offered refreshments, and then the two of you will talk hair.


You will go over any questions you may have concerning your hair, cut, color, products, services, etc. and any questions she may have about your consultation form, daily routine, or lifestyle that may affect your services or desired outcome. 

Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions during your first visit consultation.  This is our best and final opportunity to decide if we're a good fit before services begin. If Jessica believes she won't be able to meet your needs, your appointment will end and deposit (if collected) will be refunded. While rare, it does happen and would be for the clients and stylists satisfaction.


Even after your services are completed we still haven't stopped thinking about you. You'll have 7 days to play with your look and decided if any adjustments will need to be made.  In that time, you'll receive two more messages from Madison, (1) the following day; she'll be checking that your appointment went smoothly and (2) a few days later, to allow you time to play with it and see it in different lighting; she'll reach out to make sure you're still loving it. 

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