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Our Roots

We wanted to become a safe place to gain confidence and receive an intimate, one on one, salon experience.

With each color and cut we give practical education and empower you, a carefree human, to actually care about your hair. 


Our Mission

To help women feel at home in themselves by ensuring every service puts your comfort and empowerment first.


When you step into our salon, the goal is for you to feel authentically you.

Bring the sass,

spill the tea,

scroll your phone,

take a nap -

Do you girl. We're here for it.

Our Craft

We offer a wide variety of color, cut, and nourish services with a focus on
creating an empowering guest-connection, every time.

Our team is highly-skilled and committed to helping you, our guest, feel comfortable & confident.

Our Values

COMMUNITY - We believe in the power of working together toward the greater good.

EDUCATION - We value continuously educating ourselves on hair trends, types, techniques, etc. as well as educating our clients throughout their service.

TRANSPARENCY - We believe to be clear is to be kind, so we share our best estimates for prices, time, and realistic expectations on requested services up front.

HUMILITY - We aren't perfect, and we know that. That's why we're always learning and are in search of teachable moments to be more inclusive, better at our craft, and stronger community leaders.

HOME - We are a safe place to feel like your most carefree, comfortable, awkward self. This is your home away from home.

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