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Feel comfortable, connected, and educated.

At Belle Haus Salon, we provide our local community a place to feel safe to ask questions and gain confidence concerning everyday beauty and hair techniques. 


The New Guest Experience



Who are we?


What to book?


How to book?

What People Are Saying

"Jess is amazing! Even when I don’t  know what I want to do with my hair, she always knocks it out of the park! Her eye for color and style is awesome!"

- Jenny Shopp

"I love Jessica!!" I have very fine, thin hair and she always gives me the best cut for my hair type. My cuts always grow out great!! She is a wizard with highlights too! I lived in Kentucky for a couple of years and I used to travel back for Jess to do my hair!"

- Traci Lorch


Our Specialties

Trims & Haircuts

There is no shame for cutting your bangs or not coming in for 1/2 a year.  We love working with you and want you in the chair so we can get to know you, give you a bomb ass haircut or trim, and maybe spoil you a bit.

Highlights & Color

Highlights, Lowlights, Gray Coverage, Gray Blending, Root Smudge, Toner....are all different ways to describe how we get to your end result, which is what we want to focus on. 

Nearly 20 years has been spent here, crafting the best ways to foil, apply, blend, and glaze.  Our favorite looks are soft, natural, full of shine, and aren't afraid to add a bright pop every once in a while.

Treatments & Glosses

When shown pictures of people with gray hair vs. colored hair, all with various levels of shine and damage, and asked to rank them in age, it was always the picture where the hair looked dry, dull, or unhealthy that was ranked older.

Don't forget to add on your glosses and treatments, kids. 

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