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Jessica Craig

I may seem quiet, but to know me is to think "She's really weird, in a fun kind of way"

The decision to do hair was easy for me, and no, it didn't start with, "I cut the hair off my barbies." It started in high school when my undiagnosed A.D.D. knew that I needed a career I could be passionate about, move around all day, and express creativity,  It seemed like a no brainer....

Until my parents said "No."

I went to college and tried that out but we can quickly fast forward 3 years and you'll find an abandoned degree from IU and a license to touch hair. 

My personality could be described as 

creative + passionate + inspired + artistic

I love what I do and I've been in the industry a long time.  Maybe someday one of my two teenagers would want to take over but for now, I'm going to keep coloring hair and reminding you to add on your treatments. 


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